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Hallam ObservatoryCresent Moon and JupiterSummer At Hallam ObservatoryWinter At Hallam ObservatorySolar ActivityM8 The Lagoon NebulaM20 The Trifid NebulaM16 The Eagle NebulaM11 The Wild Duck ClusterM13 Great Hercules ClusterM57 The Ring NebulaM51 Whirlpool GalaxyNGC 2237 The Rosette NebulaM64 The Black-Eye GalaxyM104 The Sombrero GalaxyNGC 1501 Planetary NebulaNGC 6781 Planetary NebulaM5 Globular ClusterM63 Sunflower GalaxyM15 Globular Cluster

Guestbook for Brian Thomas
Janice & Rick(non-registered)
Wow Brian! Your photos are absolutely breathtaking, spectacular, and amazing!
Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
Wow… I always wanted to click some milky way photographs like these and I have even tried a couple of times where I found that the sky was less pollutant, but they did not turned to be good as what I have expected.

Mike Thomas(non-registered)
Awesome pics!! You and your group have taken some fantastic pics of what I thought was only available from something like the Hubble. Keep up the great work and I will be back.
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